What is Pro HTI ?

The HTI-program is designed to deepen the competence of UX/CX both in theory and practice.

Do you dream of working as a UX/UI specialist in the near future?
Deepen your UX design and interaction techniques skills with this hands-on Human Technology-Interaction course. We provide all the newest methods and tools, authentic cases and practical assignments. Your job is to find a company of interest with whom you will do your company project work. By the end of this program, you will have the skills to become an HTI Specialist in product development and research settings.

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Companies Connect with Innovative Thinkers

For companies, this programme offers motivated on-the-job learners who can develop product UX/UI and bring the newest human-centered design thoughts to your organization.
Students will work with a company and companies get a chance to meet potential employees. Each student will connect with a company to work with during their courses. This is a great opportunity for companies to get involved and find potential new employees. The student and company will work together on a project of their own choice. The project will come to life through the course of the program. Both students and companies have a chance to network and lay groundwork for new beginnings.

Who Can Apply ?

The programme is for persons working in or entering to the Finnish labour market. The main target is to enhance a Finnish economy. The Programme is for you if you fit the following criteria.


We prefer higher education degree from e.g. Computing or Marketing.

Work Experience

You have at least some background in software engineering or requirements engineering, and you may have some experience in UX (user experience), CX (customer experience), user-centered design, or UI design, for example. Most importantly you are enthusiastic to learn new things and want to make a difference by making the UX of new products and digital services better.


You have a good command of both written and spoken English

what is the outcome ?

The Pro HTI programme highlights these skills and themes


Design and evaluate multimodal applications and services

Interaction Expertise

Analyze, construct and evaluate interaction techniques

User Interface Design

Design and build user interfaces for modern web applications


Develop wireframes, design visual mockups and prototypes for usability testing


Apply the process of human-centered product design and development

what are the practicalities ?

The information and key dates you need


The program is free of charges for participants. The Ministry of Education and Culture funds/endows the program.

Study Info

The program will be held in English. There are some training days but mostly the teaching and learning happens virtually/digitally.


The number of places is limited to 25 participants. The programme is also suitable for the unemployed.
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Application Period

The application form is open from August 23 - November 2 (2016).

Study Dates

The program studies will start with Kick off Nov 24, 2016 and end in May 2017.

What about the courses ?

The HTI-program consists of studies based on the Master´s Degree Program in Human-Technology Interaction (20 ECTS), Optional studies (5 ECTS) and Workplace Training (5 ECTS). The students will do the larger project work with a company. In addition, the student will do their Personal Study Plan (PSP).

Application Process

How to apply and what happens next

Video Resumé (optional)

Make a max 2 minutes long video resumé, where you put together your vision, future plans and motivation to apply to the theme/programme.

Fill Application

Fill in the application form and insert a link to your video resumé. The closing date for applications is November 2, 2016.


We will inform all the applicants via email.

Final Selection

After interviews we will make the final selection.

Become an expert in HTI

Apply today and become an expert in the field of HTI to gain a competitive edge and help build a better future for companies, clients, and end users.